What is bk-Art?
bk-Art is Live Visual Performance (VJing), Videomapping, Stagedesign, Photography, Graphic Design and more.

My name is Benjamin Kisters and I’m based in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt/Germany and work as Media-Operator. My Knowledge is in print and non-print stuff and work with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and Cinema 4D.

I was a DJ for many years. As one of the first professional CD-DJs I made music in very different styles like House, Garage/2Step, Drum&Bass and many other electronic music genres.

After the long musicinal thing, my work as graphic designer inspire me in VJing and I combine my knowledge of music with visual performance. As Chuck Goldfinger I work for many DJs and Live Acts as a VJ

After two arrangements at the „Luminale 2012“ in Frankfurt and Video Mappings for a Fashionstores at the „Nacht der Museen“ 2012 I did more and more Stagedesign for Videomappings. I’m in the second Season of the very popular Event KLANGDYNAMIK and since five years the home VJ of the Toxic Family.

This is my blog. Here you can find my works as VJ, my Photoworks and some Graphic Designs. Maybe I will tell you sometimes something out of my life. So have fun to find out more about the world of bk-Art.

You also can find my videos on YouTube and Vimeo

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