Klangdynamik – The Polygon Season 3 Opening 2014
The new Season Opening with one of the greatest stagedesign for clubs in the Rhein/Main area ever.

We work so hard for this opening for a really stunning stage design. More than three month of work. I want to get new ways in the world of live visual performance and there was only one way and one decision I coud do – MADlight. A construction that combines a 360° videomapping a never seen stagedesign and DMX controlled adressable RGB LEDs.
I searched a lot on the web how to realize my thoughts and dreams of a totally new experience and contact many VJs of the scene who works with this MADlight stuff via MadMapper software. So I found out which parts I need and checked the market. Finally I’ve found my way to Showjockey. They realize an awesome project together with GarageCube and 1024architecture called MAD Orb. Showjockey helped me a lot to find the right parts and how to connect all the stuff.

Find the pictures on facebook

There were many people who helped me to realize this new stagedesign for the Klangdynamik Season Opening I want to thank.
– Max Buchalik (Organizer and Owner of the Klangdynamik) Thanks for your spirit and money to realize this cool stage design.
– Ralf Brenninek (Pixelasm) for helping me with the 3D work.
– Stefan and Johannes Küpper for helping and welding the cave for the construction.
– Bruce and Christine Lee (Showjockey) to find the right LED stuff and helping to connect all the stuff.
– Francesco Le Donne (Kollektiv Wiesbaden) for helping me to configure the LED stuff and building the construction first time for testing.
– Christine Cavalier for sewing all the material.
– Oliver for renting the sewing machine.
– Volkan Hurioglu who sews the last parts in the last minute.

The material list:
Over 100 m 8 mm rounded steel
Over 100 m heat shrink tubing
20x 3 m Voile
41 m Velcro

2x Artnet SJ-DMX E4
1x power supply
1x ethernet switch
2x 222 Power T-Connector SJ-TC-2
8x Power Connection cables (5 m each)
422 T-Connector
5x XLR T-Connector
10x 4 Pin Signal Extension Cable (5 m each)
22.5 m adressable RGB LED strips for outside using (cut into 15 1.5 m)
75 m LAN cable

3 ultra short throw beamer (more would be better)
6x 20 m VGA cable
Maxon TH2G DP Edition
3x VGA to Display Port adapter

MacBook Pro 2,4 GHz i7, 8GB RAM, 1GB Video-RAM
iPad Retina

GoPro Hero 3 Black
Canon 7D

For more details don’t hesitate to contact me.

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